The company has strong engineering research capabilities and technology platform, the company has a wealth of scientific research and technological achievements, the company and its subsidiaries have a total of 113 patents, and the scientific research and technological strength and independent innovation ability have been fully recognized by government departments
Bubujing is a group company founded in 1987 and has a history of 34 years. The company has obtained the high-tech enterprise certification for many consecutive years. The quality management system certification is greater than the enterprise intellectual property management system certification.
Bubujing Group adopts the operation mode of dual headquarters in East China and South China. It has 7 major factories and 9 business departments. The company has more than 800 employees, of which more than 30% are middle and senior talents. The company's high-quality scientific research and technical talents include senior engineers. 236 people, 472 people in the production department, 40 engineers, and more than 40 people with various professional registration qualifications
As a TYPE-C manufacturer, Bubujing realizes the separation management of production and sales in the amoeba management model. The goods from each factory area are uniformly distributed to the central warehouse of Shenzhen Bubujing, and are dispatched to each sales outlet, agents and customers. Professional The technical team can provide customers with overall solutions, direct supply from powerful manufacturers, reducing intermediate links and making the price more affordable