2022 (Summer) Asia Charging Exhibition ended successfully, step by step brilliant


2022 (Summer) Asia Charging ExhibitionA successful conclusion, step by step brilliant

3 daysThe 2022 (Summer) Asia Charging Exhibition ended perfectly in a lively scene. Thank you new and old friends for visiting and guiding, and thank you every customer for their trust and support in us. Although the exhibition is only 3 days, our passion It will not subside, all the staff of Bubujing Technology serve everyone with sincerity, integrity, sincerity and enthusiasm, and look forward to meeting you again.


This exhibition consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, and also discovered a large number of potential users. The professional visitors and exhibitors at the exhibition showed strong interest in our products. With the current popular productsTake TYPE-C products as an example, attracting many exhibitors to stop and watch.TYPE-C female seatData transfer speeds up to40Gbps, based on USB3.1 specification, using TYPE C appearance, and backward compatible with USB 3.2\/3.1\/3.0, the interface adopts a new slim design, the size is about 8.4mm x 2.6mm, supports front and back insertion, can withstand 1 10,000 times of repeated plugging and unplugging, can be used to transmit DisplayPort signals, supports 8K UHD image transmission, and has a power output capability of up to 3A for standard cables and 5A for interfaces, and has better electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) mitigation characteristics. And it is backward compatible with existing Thunderbolt 3 equipment, and the product cost is far lower than Thunderbolt 3, the real king of cost performance.

In addition, Bubujing Technology has35 years of manufacturing heritage,The total area of ​​the group company is36,000 square meters; accumulative secondary registered capital is 30 million; 113 patents have been authorized so far.Company varietyUSB, connector, tact switch, USB cable, etc. have been recognized many times at the exhibition site,And reached preliminary cooperation with some prospective customers.

In just 3 days of the exhibition, every customer and friend who stopped at Bubujing Technology gave us a responsibility and moved us. The past, present and even future of Bubujing Technology are the support and trust of customers. Motivating us to move forward bravely, we would like the development of the charging industry to be bright and go to the world.