Bubujing's new TYPE-C female seat is unveiled


step by step newTYPE-CThe mother seat splendid appearance

TYPE-Cfemale seatThe launch and application of,It can be said that the pattern of the connector industry has changed,Bring the connector industry into a new era,Promote the development of the entire industry, why do you say that?.becausetype-cThe application of the female socket interface solves the problems of blind insertion of charging ports and data transmission ports, high-speed charging, multiple applications of one interface, and support for high-definition video transmission, which is not only convenient for consumers, but also brings convenience and business opportunities to manufacturers.It is beneficial to reduce electronic waste and improve resource utilization efficiency.In the past, when manufacturers produced electronic products, different electronic products, whether for household or industrial applications, would make many types of chargers, which was very cumbersome for users.type-cThe development and use of the female seat has solved this problem very well. Moreover, as the market demand continues to change and improve, forThe requirements of type-c products are also getting higher and higher, such as whether the transmission speed can be faster, whether the charging speed can be faster, whether the application compatibility can be stronger, whether the cost can be lower, and so on.


as a familyA veteran connector company with a history of 36 years, Bubujing Technology pays close attention to changes in market demand, combines market dynamics and business opportunities, and continuously invests in research and development of more new type-c female products to meet the special requirements of most customers. This year Launched a new type-c female seat, which was widely sought after by users once it was launched. So what kind of product is it? Let's take a look at BubujingHuacai debut's newTYPE-Cmother seathavewhich features:


TYPE-CMaster data transfer speed up to40Gbps, based on USB 3.1 specification,useTYPE C appearance, and backward compatible with USB 3.2\/3.1\/3.0, the interface adoptsNew slim design, about the size of8.4mm x 2.6mm,Support positive and negative 2-sided insertion, can withstand 10,000 repeated insertion and removal,Can be used to transmit DisplayPort signals, support8K UHD video transmission,existPower output capability up to standard cable 3A and interface 5A,at the same timeBetter electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) mitigation characteristics, and is backward compatible with existing Thunderbolt 3 equipment, and the product cost is far lower than Thunderbolt 3, the real king of cost performance.