Bubujing is shortlisted as a major manufacturer of Type-C interface charging in the world


Step by step shortlisted in the worldMajor manufacturers of Type-C interface charging

USBType-C interfaceCombining data packet transmission, instant video and audio transmission and power supply, it realizes the connection of various types of peripheral devices through one interface, which greatly simplifies the design of electronic products and provides convenience for users.Type-C has a wide range of applications on many smart hardware platforms, including smartphones, PCs\/tablets, TVs, wearable devices, cars and homes. The technical advantages are obvious, and the linkage effect is the most significant (fast charging, smart digital audio, High-definition video, high-speed data), with the support of the whole industry chain giants, the future market potential is huge and the scale is considerable. According to the analysis and forecast of research institutions, by 2022, the global consumer electronics wire market is expected to grow to 15.07 billion US dollars, consumption Electronic cables are in a period of steady growth, the main type C interface, in 2020, only considering the interface and cable part, the global USB type C market size is initially estimated to be 66.9 billion yuan, if the derived digital smart headphones are considered, the total size has exceeded. 100 billion yuan. If the normal replacement of electrical and electronic products is not considered, and only the data line version is updated, it will occupy at least tens of billions of yuan in the market size, and constantly open up the blue ocean market. At present, in the savage growth period of the market, the excessive development of the industry is often not optimistic, and it also faces opportunities and challenges.


shortlisted togetherworldwideThe main manufacturers of Type-C interface charging also include Lvlian, Pinsheng, Peng Yuansheng, Anke, Hehong, Huawei,OPPO and other companies can saymy country's digital accessories have unique advantages in international competition. On the one hand, the digital electronics industry is highly mature in coastal cities represented by Shenzhen, which not only has cost advantages, but also has the effect of resource integration and industrial clustering; on the other hand, many Digital accessories business orOEM foundries have no lack of foreign trade experience, and they also have a certain foundation to transform into cross-border e-commerce. However, in order to truly open up the international market, it is impossible to rely on products with a single function and meager profits. With the continuous maturity of the industrial chain, TYPE-C interface The time has come,my countryCable manufacturers will still dominate the screen seller version.